S.W.A.T.: Firefight – 2011

2.5 Stars

Synopsis: Transferred to Detroit to put a local SWAT team through a training regimen, LAPD Lieutenant Paul Cutler finds himself the target of a homicidal genius

Gabriel Macht … Paul Cutler
Kristanna Loken … Rose Walker
Giancarlo Esposito … Inspector Hollander
Robert Patrick … Walter Hatch
Carly Pope … Kim Byers
Matt Bushell … Danny Stockton
Nicholas Gonzalez … Justin Kellogg
Shannon Kane … Lori Barton
Gino Anthony Pesi … Wayne Wolport
Lauren Mae Shafer … Hostess
Kevin Phillips … Kyle Watters
Ele Bardha … Agent Ellison
Chameria Law … News Reporter
Micah A. Hauptman … Richard Mundy

Director: Benny Boom
Screenplay: Reed Steiner
Story: Reed Steiner, Randy Walker, Mike Albanese & Ed Arneson

Original Music : John Paesano
Cinematographer:  Don Davis

Rated R for violence and language
89 minutes

Straight to DVD.  It’s never a good sign.  Do you ever find yourself thinking, “man, I really want to watch a movie that went straight to DVD tonight?”  Nope.  Of course you don’t.  Something has to draw you in.  For S.W.A.T. Firefight, Gabriel Macht was that something.  I don’t care how you define your sexuality – the air of confidence Gabriel Macht eludes is enough to make anyone question their inner desires…in my opinion at least.  And if you haven’t watched an episode of SUITS [a new show on USA] then the minute you finish reading this review then you have got to watch the first episode.  You will be hooked.

Anyway…back to the topic at hand.  SWAT FIREFIGHT is what it is.  A shoot-em-up action-y flick with a hot guy, a bad guy, and of course the hot guy’s love interest.  And when I say shoot-em-up, you better have the remote in hand for this one.  The music is loud, the “firefighting” is loud…everything is loud…except for the dialogue that is.  But I have a feeling that’s not the most important part for this genre.

At times, I didn’t know whether I was watching a video game commercial, a music video, or any other type of cheesy video media.  In the end, it boils down to this – did you expect anything more from this movie?  Had you even heard about this movie?  I may be a little dissapointed in the fact that Gabriel Macht took a step back with this one…but I am even more dissapointed that I now know that the “story” writers – Randy Walker, Michael Albanese, and Ed Arneson are all retired Los Angeles Police Department SWAT officers.  Couldn’t they have come up with a better story?  You would think that with all this “experience” on the writing staff that the story would have been better.  Creativity is everything.  It’s as if these guys just sat around and drank beer one night and this is what they came up with.  Reed Steiner might have some experience under his belt with a few episodes of NCIS and other cop dramas but it couldn’t save this cliche of a movie.

Overall Recommendation:  This is tough.  I would say to watch it in the background but I don’t know how you could with the extreme “loudness.”  Watch it at your own risk.

The Verdict: Give me a break – movie.


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